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France - holiday rentals

Holiday rentals in Paris, Brittany and the Northern France - private holiday rentals for self catering

Holiday rentals for self catering in Brittany, Paris, Loire, Charente, Normandy, Northern France - villas, cottages, bungalows, townhouses, apartments, holiday rentals

If you want to experience classic French culture, Paris, Brittany, and Normandy can be the experience of a lifetime.

Paris is a flurry of museums, festivals, and delicious food.

Brittany’s rocky coasts offer French countryside life with a surprisingly Celtic flavor. Normandy has not just the serene English Channel, but also an area rich with history. What better way to explore the richness of these areas than from the comfort of your holiday rental?

Try life in a townhouse in Rouen, home to some of Europe’s most famous churches and architecture, including the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. Visit the beaches of Normandy that were host to battles that determined the fate of World War II.

Brittany, known for its megaliths and monuments, features beautiful villas that are perfect for immersing yourself in the local flavor, as well as a dramatic and craggy seaside. Vacation rentals in Paris, Brittany, and Normandy offer all this and more.

You can find private holiday rentals in all places of the Northern France.

The offer includes luxury houses with swimming pool or Jacuzzi or a house with sea view and close to the beach. They are ideal for a wonderful holiday or short vacation in South of France with the family. Many houses and holiday homes have space for 2 or 3 families.

There are also spacious holiday rentals, with or without a swimmingpool, for rent all year round, so your can enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the beaches at any time of the year.

Simply select a house, contact the landlord of the holiday home or cottage and make a good deal about the price.

Find the best holiday rentals for self catering in Brittany

In Brittany are many great places on the south coast or to the Canal. In many places you will find remains from the wikings or earlier settlements.

Holiday apartments for self catering in Paris

An apartment on the Seine could be a perfect home base for walks through Paris’ outdoor markets and cafes. The Louvre, the Seine, and the Champs Elysees are just a few of the attractions that will vie for your time.

Enjoy your visite in Paris and live in a private holiday apartment or flat.

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