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Holiday homes for rent in South France

Holiday rerntals in South France
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Holiday houses and holiday homes in South France, Lanquedoc-Roussillon, Aquitaine and the Pyrenées

France is the most visited tourist country in the world and it is with good reason. Southern France offers everything a tourist can wish for a wonderful and adventurous holiday.

South France offers great variations from east with the flat Rôhne Valley and the ancient Roman cities of Nimes and Arles to the Atlantic coast in the west with the Bordeaux wine region - and from the highlands of Auvergne in the north to Lanquedoc-Roussillon and the Pyrenees with the Mediterranean Sea in the south.

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All of southern France is a very beautiful area with big beautiful cities, the largest being Montpellier, Perpignan and Toulouse. The cities contain many sights and museums, and they have many private holiday homes and apartments for rent.

Holiday at The Mediterranean Sea

All the way from La Camarquer at the mouth of the Rhone River to the Spanish border are many lovely towns with good beaches and fine holiday homes and holiday apartments for rent.

You will find St. Cyprien and Maureillas at Perpignan, the large, historic town north of the Spanish border. The modern and large resorts of Le Barcarès and Port-Barcarès are located with modern residences next to the wonderful Mediterranean beach. Typically, there are also holiday homes and villas with swimming pools everywhere.

Areas in the Pyrenees have 300 days of sunshine a year, e.g. Vernet les Bains and Jujols - Roquefort, located wonderfully at the foot of the mountains.

Southern France and especially Lanquedoc-Roussillon are visited all year round on holiday. Spring comes very early and the weather is nice and warm in the fall. Also the area at the foot of the Pyrenees is very popular for its beauty, magnificent views and pleasant climate with many days of sunshine.

Aquitaine and the Cahors area

Dordogne and Cahors areas and north of the Lot river contain really lovely resorts with many rivers, gorges and cosy, southern French medieval towns. Towns typically have old streets and squares filled with everyday activity. Here you will find the very best townhouses and apartments for rental.

France's most famous wine region is located around the wine town of Bordeaux in Aquitaine. The huge wine area is almost off the Biscay with an unbroken row of fine holiday towns.

Also find a holiday home in Montpezat - Prince Henry og Denmark's home in the wonderful area of Cahors. The rivers Lot and Dordogne meander here in magnificent and exciting gorges - alternately gentle and violent.

Aquataine, which is located off the Biscay, has a large number of fine holiday resorts and seaside resorts along the entire coast. The largest is the pearl of Biarritz with many fine sandy beaches and a paradise for surfers.

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