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Efficient holiday homes rental for private landlords, who oneself wish to let their holiday home

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Holiday homes and summer cottages for rent in all Europe

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Ferieboligweb presents private holiday homes that are let by the owners. All enquiries about a rent of holiday homes are therefore handled by the owner in a direct contact.

Cottage-rental's advertisements are produced in 3 languages, Danish, German and English, and they are presented on a network of web sites with different target groups - see the network in the left column.

Ferieboligweb was founded in 1996 and has since belonged to the leading purveyors of private-let holiday homes.

We have a great credibility in relation to both tenants and landlords. That results in many visitors - 550,000 unique visitors in2010, and many holiday homes for rent - about 1,000. See the newest webstatistics here.

Many landlords have been customers for many years, some even back from 1997 and many landlords have advertisements for 2-5 holiday homes, often a combination of Danish and foreign holiday homes. / FerieboligWeb Aps,
Stormly 43, DK-3500 Værløse, Denmark
Tel +45 4449 3480 - Email:
CVR nr. / VAT no DK 1739 3987

For landlords:
How do you advertise on

It's easy to advertise on Ferieboligweb:

Order your homepage with guarantee - click here

You can choose the most effective solution - a homepage with guarantee. Then you get guarantee of at least 15 enquiries.

You can also select a cheaper solution, a small advertisement with the most important information about your holiday home.

If you yourself have created a nice homepage, you can select a small advertisement with link to your own homepage.

The third posibility is a free mini-advertisement with only the very most necessary information and only shown in Danish. This advertisement type isn't shown in searches and it brings advertising.

Order your advertisement with guarantee - click here.

Why is / Ferieboligweb visible on the Internet? - and our other language versions - have a large visibility at Google and other large search engines - for several reasons:

Our guarantee gives you security for results on / Ferieboligweb!

You can profitably advertise on our web sites, because it - with guarantee - see here - gives results. Don't waste your money - we give you a guarantee of a particular number of enquiries from potential tenants.

We can give the guarantee, because we know that an advertisement gives results.

Our customers tell it by maintaining their advertisements year after year!

Our customers also know that Ferieboligweb is a reliable partner that gives a good service - a helping hand, when it's desirable.

Read some good advice about advertising on the Internet - click here .

Finally: Order your advertisement with guarantee - click here.

We protect your personal information!

Your personal information - name, address and e-mail - are hidden on all advertisements. We use name, address, e-mail and phone no to inform a potential tenant about you, when he / she sends an email enquiry to you. He / she needs safety about your identity.

We also use your email address to send you newsletters about / Ferieboligweb - new features, small tips, etc

If you unregister yourself as a customer, you do not receive anymore emails from us.

We do not pass your personal information to anyone else.


Preoducers of the adverts are solely responsible for the content of their adverts. can't be held liable for the contents of these adverts.


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