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Homepage for your holiday home until 31.10.2023 with guarantee for at least 15 enquiries - Can you afford not to list your holiday rental?

You can now list your holiday home on a homepage with guarantee of that we deliver at least 15 enquiries per email, before you have to pay for renewal. See a homepage here.

Order a homepage now:

Order your homepage with guarantee - click here

How does the guarantee work?

If you haven't received 15 enquiries before the advertisement's expiry date, we extend the subscription with ½ year. We extend free of charge until you have received 15 enquiries.

We give you the guarantee, because you - judging from our experience - can expect considerably more genuine, quality enquiries leading to bookings.

You can always read the number of enquiries from your contol panel.

Our conditions to give the guarantee are:

  1. You use email
  2. You must not show your telephone number on the homepage - it's shown for the potentiel tenants, that send an enquiry
  3. You insert at least 10 good, digital photos
  4. You fill in the price list
  5. The number of enquiries is noticed in our system and is shown on your owner page / control panel
  6. The guarantee is valid in the first listing period, i.e. until the renewal of subscription has been collected the first time
  7. Payment happens in connection with the order of the homepage

What is included on a homepage?

See a homepage in miniature format below - click on it in order to see it in full size.

It's always shown in 3 languages: English, Danish and German - we translate for you.

A homepage includes:

  1. Good descriptions of your holiday home and the area around
  2. 20 photos in a gallery
  3. A detailed list of facilities and amenities, furniture and possibilities in the area
  4. A price list combined with a calendar with availability
  5. An interactive map, which shows the holiday home's position (precise address can be hidden)
  6. Route mapping
  7. A form for enquiries by email
  8. A possibility of showing name and telephone number (guarantee is dropped).
  9. The possibility to enclose a Youtube video
  10. Link to your own homepage
  11. Link to your other advertisements with
  12. Links to sights in the area
  13. Simple counter of page loads
  14. The Possibility of a detailed web statistics (against a onetime-payment)
  15. A control panel, where you can control all information on your homepage without needing a great knowledge of IT.

How to order?

Order a homepage: .

The price for a homepage is 104 Euro incl. translation and subscription until 31.10.2023.

Read about our other products on our product summary - click here.

How does a homepage look?

A typical homepage looks like this - click in order to see it in full size:

Click to see the homepage in full size
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