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Bornholm - Holiday rentals on the island of Bornholm - private cottages and summer houses on Bornholm, Denmark

Bornholm is the most beautiful and exciting island in Denmark. Bornholm is different because of its location in the Baltic Sea and because of its many cliffs - rocky coasts and rocky landscapes with Hammeren and Hammershus on Northbornholm as the most significant place. It is easy to understand that cottages on Bornholm are very popular.

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Bornholm has everything you need for a nice holiday in a summer house

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Bornholm has an impressive string of wonderful holiday villages with cottages like:

Summer houses in Gudhjem, probably the most beautiful village on Bornholm. Summer houses in  Gudhjem The village is located on a high hill and therefore you must follow a small "mountain road" to get to the cozy village center.
Gudhjem is known for its smoked herring, smoked in the beautiful chimneys built for smoking herring caught by fishermen from the village.
You can enjoy the titbit "Sun over Gudhjem", a piece of bread with smoked herring, egg yolk, radishes and chives.
You can sail to Christiansø from Gudhjem's cozy harbor, which earlier used to be home for many fishermen.

Summer houses in Svaneke. The town is incredibly cozy with a harbor, restaurants, a brew house and much more. Svaneke has a distinctive and beautiful landmark: the water tower, designed by the famous architect Jørn Utzon. Just outside Svaneke lies Bornholm's famous family park Brændegårdshaven. Here is everything for children and adults chasing experiences in the playland, the water park, the zoo and the lovely nature scenery.

Summer houses in Allinge-Sandvig, the double town on the north east side of Bornholm. The village was originally 2 villages, but now they form together a big village with 2 harbours and many sandy beaches between the cliffs. There are many holiday cottages and holiday homes in the town. The cottages are available in many sizes and most are situated high above the town with a beautiful view over the Baltic Sea. Allinge-Sandvig is not far from Bornholm's main attraction Hammershus.

Summer houses in Dueodde.Dueodde is probably one of the best places for summerhouses on Bornholm. Dueodde is a large former sand drift area now planted and surrounded by fine sandy beaches. The beaches are loved by the many holidaymakers enjoying the beach or sunbathing in the dunes. Dueodde and the surrounding small villages contain many lovely summer houses of all sizes and with varying degrees of luxury.

There are much more villages on Bornholm, and they all stand out with magnificent views, wonderful walks, clean bathing water, the blue flag and cozy urban areas.

Bornholm - unic round churches

Bornholm is known for its circular churches, its fine art museum, the cliff Hammeren, the Echo Valley, the Sanctuary Cliffs (Helligdomsklipperne) and many, many other sightseeings.

Holiday homes and hotels are located everywhere on Bornholm. In many places the private cottages are close to the beach - some places with rocky coast and other places with a narrow sandy beach where you can enjoy the summer weather with sunbathing on the beach or take long, fresh walks along the beach or in the beautiful hinterland.

Bornholm - beautiful Hammershus

Bornholm's main attraction is without any doubt the rocky formation at the northern tip of the island, Hammeren with the old castle ruin Hammershus. The hammer is a large area with impressive cliffs that rise from the sea and at the top lies the impressive Hammershus.

Hammerhus is Northern Europe's largest ruin complex. The castle was built in the 13th century and has since been expanded by kings in defense of Bornholm.

The visitor center offers the opportunity to experience Hammeren in a new perspective, and you can read about Hammershus and get an overview of the many experiences waiting for you on the cliffs.

Holiday rental on Bornholm is easy and straightforward. First find your private cottage for rent, then contact the landlord about rental period and price. Presumably he wants a deposit as a sign of acceptance of your agreement.


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