About Ferieboligweb / cottage-rental.com

Ferieboligweb shows holiday homes that are rented out by private individuals. All inquiries about renting holiday homes must therefore be made to the owners, who appear in the individual advertisements.
You book directly with the landlord and will benefit from personal and careful treatment. You will be able to rent the holiday home at a good price without the expense of a rental agency.

Ferieboligweb's ads are produced in 3 languages, Danish, German and English, and they appear on a network of websites with different target groups. Ferieboligweb was founded in 1996 and has since belonged to the leading providers of privately rented holiday homes.

We have great credibility with both tenants and landlords. Many landlords have been involved for many years, some even back from 1997 and many landlords have advertisements for 2 - 5 holiday homes, often a combination of Danish and foreign holiday homes. See the satisfaction among landlords: see experiences - a page with statements from a number of landlords.

Most of our landlords are responsible for the letting themselves, but some also have an agreement with a local or nationwide agency on a first-come, first-served basis....

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Skovbakken 2, DK-8740 Brædstrup, Danmark
E-mail: fbw@ferieboligweb.dk
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Ferieboligweb - and our other language versions - have great visibility on Google and other major search engines - for several reasons:

Many people know Ferieboligweb. They have a good experience and tell friends and acquaintances about the site - they choose Ferieboligweb in the searches

- Ferieboligweb has many different types of pages that are optimized for search engines
- Our pages have good functionality that makes it easy to find the right holiday home at the right price
- Our ads have good, relevant and quickly read information about the displayed holiday home
- The website is constantly being developed - it's good for the customers and the search engines like it
- Ferieboligweb has been on the Internet since 1996
- many other, good reasons

Our customers tell it by redrawing their ads year after year! Read about their experiences - click here.
Our customers also know that Ferieboligweb is a reliable business partner who provides a good service - a helping hand where it is desirable.

Finally: Get started with the ad creation immediately - click here.

We protect your personal information!

Your personal information – name, address and e-mail – is hidden on all ads. We use them together with your phone number. to inform a potential tenant about you when he/she sends you an email inquiry. He/she needs assurance about your identity.
We also use your email address to send you a newsletter about Ferieboligweb - new features, small tips, etc.

You can see all data about you and your property(s) by logging into your account, and you can correct them at any time.
If you deregister as a customer, all your data registered with us will be automatically deleted. When your advertisement expires, we will keep your data for 6 months, after which it will be automatically deleted if you have not renewed your subscription in the meantime.

We also collect names and emails of customers who wish to receive our newsletter with offers on holiday homes. The same applies to users who create an evaluation of an active holiday home on the page.
We do not pass on personal information to third parties, and only Ferieboligweb has access to your personal data.

We use cookies

We use cookies to collect statistics, remember settings, etc. and targeting of advertising. We and AddThis have access to our statistics. You can block cookies, read more here http://minecookies.org/cookiehandtering/

We do not collect and store specific data about you that you do not give us in connection with advertising or when you wish to receive newsletters.