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Summer house for rent on sunny Falster, Lolland and Møn

Summer houses on Lolland, Falster and Møn
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Lolland, Falster and Møn - Holiday rentals and summer houses on Lolland, Falster and Møn, Denmark

Holiday rentals on the Baltic Sea on the beautiful islands Falster, Lolland and Mon are loved by many. The summers are good and the water completely clean and fresh. The beautiful countryside on Møn cannnot be found more beautiful anywhere, and Lolland and Falster are special with the flat landscapes, many manor houses and the Baltic Sea are never far away. The islands largest and most fashionable seaside resort is Marielyst.

Today's selected holiday homes on Lolland, Falster and Møn:

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Lolland, Falster and Mon invite to a wonderful holiday in a holiday home

The scenery on Lolland and Falster is beautiful. It is flat, fertile and green all year and you will quickly discover that you have come to sugar beet land.

There are many smaller, well-preserved market towns and large estates throughout the islands.

Go to Knuthenborg from your cottage on Lolland

You can spend a wonderful holiday for the family on Lolland, Falster and Mon or on the other islands in the Småland Sea. There is also the possibility of a shopping trip with the ferries to Germany.

Lolland's main attraction is definitely Knuthenborg Safari Park. Here you can drive around in the park by car and experience the animals in natural areas at very little distance. There are also other experiences in the park for children on holiday.

In Lolland, the best beaches with private cottages on the south coast are among others Næsby Strand, Kramnitze, Hummingen and Nysted with Ålholm Castle.

Giraffes in Knuthenborg Safaripark

In Lolland, the best beaches with private cottages on the south coast are among others Næsby Beach, Kramnitze, Hummingen and Nysted with Ålholm Castle.

The best cottage area on Falster is without any doubt Marielyst and Bøtø Strand with many cottages close to the child-friendly beach with the clean water of The Baltic Sea..

Marielyst town is a lively resort - here you can have lovely holidays in a cosy and well-stocked town with shops, hotel, cafes, restaurants and water park.

The beach at Marielyst is not seen better in Denmark, and many of the cottages are overlooking the beach.

Visite Møns Klint frm your holiday home on Møn

Møn is very special with the main town of Stege and some of the country's most beautiful forests and landscapes with Møns Klint as the absolute biggest attraction.

The cliff must be seen before you die! It is a great and overwhelming experience! Take the many steps down to the beach and find wetting lights, petrified sea urchins and many more things.

You can find holiday homes on Møn in Stege, Råby Lille and others.

Liselund park

From the cottage you can make very beautiful cycling trips in the hilly and varied landscape around Møns Klint and visit the hotel Liselund with the unique beautiful park, which started as a love gift in 1790. The park is open for the public.

There are also lovely cottages on the small island of Bogø.

Holiday rental on Lolland, Falster and Mon is easy and straightforward. First find your private cottage for rent, then contact the landlord about rental period and price. Presumably he wants a deposit as a sign of acceptance of your agreement.