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Summer house for rent in North Jutland and Thy

Summer houses in North Jutland
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Holiday rentals in North Jutland - cottages and holiday homes in Northern Jutland, Denmark

Lovely summer cottages can be found all over North Jutland - and North Jutland has everything for an unforgettable summer holiday. You will find the fantastic North Sea with the best beaches in Thy, along the whole Jammerbugten with Blokhus and Løkken untill Skagen in the north, the town between the two seas. The entire east coast of North Jutland has coast to the gentler Kattegat with many child-friendly beaches like Hals.

Today's selected holiday homes in North Jutland:

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North Jutland and Thy are unique places for a wonderful holiday in a holiday home

You can find a nice cottage rental or a summer house anywhere in North Jutland.

Grenen - the northernmost piont of Denmark

Most known and beloved is Skagen, see holiday rentals in Skagen and Ålbæk Strand in the north. Skagen is famous for the Grenen - the very northernmost point of Denmark between the 2 seas Kattegat and Skagerak - and its special light. There are many holiday homes in Skagen - also in the center of Skagen itself. Here you will also find the Skagens Museum dedicated to the famous Skagen painters and the quay with the many fish restaurants on the harbor.

Further south are Kandestedene with the great sightseeings Råbjerg Mile - the greatest wandering dune in Northern Europe - and the Sanded Church, a church buried in the dunes. See holiday homes in Kandestederne.

East of Hirtshals - the exciting fishing town with a large fishing port and the North Sea Museum - is the old seaside resort of Tversted with a magnificent swimming pool, hotels and lots of lovely holiday homes - also luxury cottages with pool and luxury houses with whirlpool - for rent.

The light house Rubjerg knude

In Jammerbugten you will find a series of lovely towns with many holiday homes.

You can find a holiday home in Lønstrup, which is also known for the great attraction Rubjerg Knude and the city's many artists with their own shops. The worldfamous lighthouse on Rubjerg Knude was in 2019 moved 100 m back from the sea to protect it from being taken by the sea.

It is a good idea to rent a holiday home in Blokhus or a summer house in Løkken. Here is North Jutland's finest bathing beaches and the best opportunities to drive on the beach by car.

Fårup Sommerland

Between Blokhus and Løkken you can visit Fårup Sommerland, which is probably one of Denmark's largest amusement parcs with amusements for all tastes and all ages.

On the east coast is the most well-known place for holiday rentals Hals. You will find many lovely holiday homes in Hals north of the Limfjord. The cottages in Hals are often close to the child-friendly beach.

There are many holiday homes in Thy. Most holiday homes are located in 3 villages: Agger at the southern entrance to Thy National Park and the large, unspoilt nature area down to the Thyborøn Canal, the connection between the Limfjord and the North Sea.

Sommerhus i Thy - surfer i Klitmøller

Further north is Nr. Vorupør in the middle of Thy National Park, where you can find a nice, modern cottage close to the sea.

Even further north you can also find many holiday homes in Klitmøller - the town also called Cold Hawaii. Klitmøller is the windsurfers paradise where you can find daring surfers all year round. The more blown, the better.

The cottages in Klitmøller and Nr. Vorupør is very beautifully located in old dune areas with plenty of space between the cottages.

Holiday rental in Northern Jutland is easy and straightforward. First find your private cottage for rent, then contact the landlord about rental period and price. Presumably he wants a deposit as a sign of acceptance of your agreement.