About us

Ferieboligweb.dk is part of a joint online advertising service for the portals Sommerhusdanmark.dk, Sommerferie.nu, Sommerhusportalen.dk and Ferieboligweb.dk, where private homeowners and rental agencies can create advertisements for the rental of holiday homes.

The portals act exclusively as contact mediators between tenants and landlords and cannot be equated with a rental agency.

The portals are in no way involved in the conclusion of a contract or payment process of the rent, and we can therefore in no way be held responsible for any disputes that may arise between tenants/landlords.

The portals do not participate in any way in the preparation of rental agreements between landlords and tenants and we can therefore in no way be held responsible for the content of rental agreements or the non-fulfillment of rental agreements.

The company behind it

The portals are owned and operated by Sommerhuportalen ApS, CVR: DK35244859.

You are welcome to contact us at any time.

Your contact details – you accept, among other things, that we may contact you by email and telephone

If we need to contact you, we will use the email address and/or telephone number that you provided in your user account.

You accept that we use your email address to send you regular information about the optimization of your ad(s), new initiatives, updates, ad extensions or other topics relevant to your advertising on Ferieboligweb.dk.

If the tenants contact you via the contact form of the ad, our system will send an email to the email address you provided in your user account. Tenants cannot see this email address. You can also display your phone number in the contact section of the ad, but this is optional.

You agree to keep your contact information current so that we and the tenants can contact you at any time using an active email address or calling you at a valid telephone number.

Help or complaint

You are always welcome to contact us at fbw@ferieboligweb.dk, regardless of whether you need help, have suggestions for improving our website or have a complaint about our service or a particular advertiser.

Responsibilities and guarantees

Advertising on the portals is at your own risk. You therefore bear full responsibility for the accuracy of the holiday home information contained in the ad - including images, videos, floor plans, prices and availability.

We assume no responsibility for non-rental.

We accept no responsibility for the unavailability of the advertisements for shorter periods due to technical errors

We accept no responsibility for errors on the above websites, but will of course endeavor to correct any errors as quickly as possible. Therefore, please do not hesitate to notify us if you discover one or more errors on the Websites.

We endeavor to carry out maintenance on the above-mentioned websites at times when experience shows that this disrupts our users as little as possible.

We aim to ensure that the above websites are available to our users 24 hours a day, but we cannot guarantee this. We aim for 100 percent availability, but do not guarantee it.

We cannot be held liable in any way for any loss of data. We therefore recommend that you keep a copy of your advertising data - including images, videos, floor plans - so that you can quickly recreate the ad if necessary.

We cannot be held responsible in any way for the tax consequences of your use of Ferieboligweb.dk / your rental or sale of your holiday home. We do not report to the tax authorities and you are therefore responsible for informing the tax authorities of the rental income from your holiday home.

You know that all rental income is taxable. You also understand that it is your own responsibility to maintain the necessary documentation for the tax authorities in connection with your advertising with us.

We only disclose information to tax authorities if they have the express legal authority to request release of the information.

As we are not a rental agency, we assume no responsibility for your rental process or compliance with applicable holiday home rental legislation. This responsibility lies solely with you.

By placing your ad on the portals, you agree that, upon request from the police or other authorities, we can pass on all relevant information from your user account and your advertisements for use in solving criminal cases without liability.

We may hold you liable if you cause us damage, e.g. For example, by uploading infected files or other actions taken through your user account that cause us harm.

We have the right - without notice and without liability - to remove your advert if it infringes the rights of third parties, if the advert or the terms of your contract with tenants do not comply with the law - including good marketing practice - or if we We receive complaints about you and/or your holiday home or if we believe that you have behaved inappropriately towards tenants.

In no event shall our liability to you exceed the amount remaining to you pro rata from your current advertising period.

You agree to indemnify us against any third party claims arising from your circumstances - including your breach of these Terms.