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Summer house for rent on lovely island Funen

Summer houses on Funen
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Funen, Denmark - Holiday rentals on the islands Funen, Langeland and Aeroe - cottages and summer houses for rent

You can find a lovely, private summer cottage or holiday home on the Funen, the green beautiful island between The Great Belt and The Small Belt surrounded by a lot of small islands.

The Funen is very special - it has a lot of different landscapes, but everywhere it is green and peaceful with a lot of wonderful beaches with the blue flag, fine bathing and good fishing in the fresh water. And everywhere you can find many holiday cottages for any taste.

Today's selected holiday homes on Funen:

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Funen is perfect for a nice holiday in a summer house - nice beaches, clean bathing water, wonderful landscapes and cosy towns

Fun is the Island of Smiles with gentle landscapes and lovely cottage areas for a great holiday. Everywhere you are close to the water and the many nice towns and market towns. You can find a nice,  privately rented holiday home anywhere on Funen, Langeland and Ærø.

   Svendborg is located beautiful by the water   

On South Funen there are many holiday homes in Svendborg, Horne Sommerland, Fåborg and at Assens along The Small Belt.

Between Svendborg and The Small Belt is the South Funen Archipelago with many small cosy islands, frequented by pleasant ferries. Spend a day looking at the islands.

On North Funen there are many holiday homes for rent in Tørresø by Bogense and Hasmark Strand at the outfall from Odense Fjord.

Egeskov Slot

Staying on Funen you are recommended to visit Egeskov Castle . The castle is very exciting and it has various exhibitions. In addition, there are many exciting activities for children and families:

Also visit the big city of Odense with H.C. Andersen's House and Odense Zoo .

You should also visit the shopping towns Fåborg and Assens, both with cosy, old shopping centers and lots of good cafes and restaurants.

Holiday homes on Langeland and Ærø

Tranekær Castle on Langeland

You can enjoy a wonderful holiday for the family on the smaller islands Langeland, Tåsinge and Ærø or on the other islands in the South Funen Archipelago.

Langeland is the epitome of cosiness and scenic beauty. On the island you will find Lohals with the North Beach, Tranekær with the impressive castle and the beautiful old houses on the main street, Rudkøbing with a lovely town and harbour environment and the southernmost you find Bagenkop . In addition, there are many older houses, some with half-timbering, that have been converted into cosy holiday homes.

Rudkøbing is the largest town on Langeland. It is the trading town on the island and therefore has good shop gathered in a very cosy down town area with beautiful old houses and narrow streets. The town has a very popular yacht harbour.

On the island of Aeroe with 6,000 inhabitants you can find the towns Ærøskøbing and Marstal. You sail to Ærø from Svendborg with a nice ferry.

Everywhere on the islands the cottages and holiday homes are close to the beach and you will be able to enjoy the view of the blue water and the many sailing boats on the sea.

Cottage rental on Funen is easy and straightforward. First find your private cottage for rent, then contact the landlord about rental period and price. Presumably he wants a deposit as a sign of acceptance of your agreement.

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